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Alex Barlow brings extensive experience in a diverse range of practice areas to the Robins Cloud LLP team. Though his background elements all fall into the personal injury realm, his focus lies in complex litigation on both an individual and class action basis. Before delving into the heart of Alex’s legal skills and knowledge, take a look at the history of his career.

As far as education goes, Alex holds a number of accreditations in the legal field. He earned his Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree at the University of Texas while taking part in the highly renowned Plan II Honors Program. Likewise, he attained his Juris Doctor Degree with honors from The University of Texas School of Law. During his law school journey, he was also the recipient of the George E. Seay Endowed Presidential Scholarship and constituent of a well-known national honorary society for undergraduates in the legal field, the Order of the Coif.

A former member of the Board of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, he remains a component of its associated Continuing Legal Education committee and is now a Fellowship Member of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association. He’s affiliated with Trial Lawyers for Public Justice in addition to the American Association for Justice. Qualified to practice law in a number of areas, Alex became a member of the State Bar of Texas in 1998 followed by the Mississippi Bar in 2000 and the Oklahoma Bar Association in 2005.

On top of becoming an effective trial lawyer and steadfast advocate for personal injury victims, Alex is considered an authority on the subject. This is a fact substantiated by his past written and verbal contributions now touted and followed by many others in the field. His compositions include Emerging Torts for the Texas Trial Lawyers Association Year-End Continuing Legal Education Handbook as well as Screening Nursing Home Cases for the University of Mississippi Continuing Legal Education Handbook. Alex’s speaking engagements include:

  • How to Win on Cross-Examination for the Texas Trial Lawyers Association’s Las Vegas Seminar
  • Circumstantial Evidence of Scientific Causation for the Texas Trial Lawyers Association’s Mid-Year Continuing Legal Education
  • Deceptive Trade Practices in Commercial Litigation at the Texas Trial Lawyers Association’s Commercial Litigation Seminar
  • Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Case Evaluation for the University of Mississippi’s Tort Law Seminar
  • The Future of Mass Torts for the University of Mississippi’s Tort Law Seminar
  • Trying the Low Exposure Asbestos Case at the Plaintiff’s Asbestos Litigation Seminar

All this brings us to present day, where Alex’s reputation precedes him in the courtroom and his track record of successfully representing clients continues to speak for itself. While he stands ready and willing to represent clients in all types of personal injury scenarios, his primary caseload now revolves around:

  • Commercial Litigation: This branch of the law entails representing clients in business transactions where disputes, breaches of contract, and other related issues arise. Some of the defendants being brought to court include financial institutions, marketing agencies, and contractors failing to complete work as promised.
  • First Party Insurance Litigation: Cases in this branch of personal injury law require going to bat for clients who have been slighted by various insurance companies, as in situations where coverage providers fail to pay health, homeowner’s, disability, or commercial benefits as promised in their policies.
  • Toxic Tort Litigation: Championing for those suffering from illnesses and injuries caused by exposure to harmful substances, including pesticides, mold, and asbestos make up the bulk of toxic tort claims.
  • Catastrophic Injury Litigation: This involves representing victims of injuries severe enough to leave them permanently disabled as a result of negligence or malicious intent, such as dismemberment, spinal cord or brain injury, and accidental amputation. In addition to proving who is at fault in cases like these, establishing the extent of the injury and its long-term ramifications can be particularly difficult.
  • Pharmaceutical Litigation: This type of case revolves around dangerous drugs and is among Alex’s top focus areas. Currently, Alex is advocating for more than 1,000 young men who developed gynecomastia, a condition in which males experience breast enlargement. His clients, in these cases, are victims of Risperdal, a once-popular prescription antipsychotic developed by Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Prior to taking on this case, he faced off against a Britain-based global pharmaceutical giant, GlaxoSmithKline, on behalf of the Attorneys General of eight different states in regard to the company’s misrepresentation of its type II diabetes medication, Avandia. In a separate but relevant case, he represented thousands of patients who suffered cardiovascular damage at the hands of this drug. Alex additionally battled international pharmaceutical company, Merck, on behalf of two government-backed organizations in the health care sector concerning its anti-inflammatory drug, Vioxx.
  • Medical Device Litigation: This involves handling cases where others have been harmed by poorly designed or manufactured medical implants. Alex has been designated as part of the Corporate Discovery Team and trial teams by the Ethicon Litigation Plaintiff Steering Committee, placing him in charge of more than 2,000 cases in which women have been injured by transvaginal mesh devices.
  • Food Poisoning Litigation: Fighting on behalf of those who have suffered due to contaminated foods and beverages, with fault often falling on the shoulders of restaurant chains or mass production facilities and distributors, rounds out this classification of personal injury.
  • Institutional Abuse of Vulnerable Populations Litigation: Alex champions for victims of abuse at the hands of relatives, acquaintances, medical personnel, nursing homes, child care facilities, and others in charge of providing care in this type of case.

Alex is no stranger to the world of pro bono representation, either. Among his most noteworthy cases of this nature is one in which he represented a mother of two whose parental rights had been violated. Despite court orders granting visitation rights, her former husband moved to Malaysia with their two children for a span of five years, preventing her from seeing them at all. Alex fought the system on behalf of his client, ultimately reuniting mother and children.

Alex’s far-reaching experience and dedication to upholding justice for personal injury victims make him an asset to the Robins Cloud LLP team as well as an invaluable resource for our clients. He finds his career as a personal injury attorney both challenging and rewarding and takes pride in using his legal knowledge to help those who have been wronged.