New Mexico’s Experts on Pharmaceutical Injuries

According to the American Medical Association, pharmaceutical injuries — or adverse reactions to prescription drugs — are the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. While this figure is staggering, it’s actually sugarcoating things a bit. The statistics fail to include the deaths and injuries resulting from drug abuse or prescription errors. The AMA states that reactions to prescription and over-the-counter medications, “kill far more people annually than all illegal drug use combined.”

In recent years, the scrutiny over the pharmaceutical industry and U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been especially high. This is due, in part, to major drug and medical device recalls nationwide. Several FDA agency whistleblowers and respected medical professionals have spoken out about dangerous pharmaceutical drugs and dodgy industry practices. These recent developments highlight the failures of a system designed to ensure consumers receive safe and effective pharmaceutical products. Tragically, these failures have contributed to thousands of consumer pharmaceutical injuries.

How Can Robins Cloud Help You?

If you or someone you know is a victim of a defective or dangerous drug, our qualified and experienced legal team is here to help. Generally, cases like this fall under the legal category of Personal Injury, specifically pharmaceutical injury, medical malpractice or negligence, or product failure. Our defective drug lawyers can help you determine whether or not you are entitled to compensation, and aggressively fight for you throughout the litigation process.

We expect medication to cure, not injure, but whether it’s been a pharmacy error or lack of testing by the manufacturer of the drug, victims need an knowledgeable lawyers on their side to seek the maximum compensation for their suffering and injuries, and to make sure nothing like this ever happens to anyone else in the future. There is simply too much at stake to allow insurance companies and large pharmaceutical firms decide the right thing to do. Instead, you need informed representation who is protecting your best interests, making sure you’re receiving the maximum amount of compensation allowed for your loss. After all, don’t you deserve the same representation the drug companies have? Don’t they have large teams of defense attorneys advising their every move? So should you. Drug companies and other liable parties are apt to shift the focus of the allegations to you, suggesting your health complications were all due to pre-existing conditions or other causes such as misuse of the medication. Don’t be bullied. Let us put our experienced attorneys and expert witnesses to work for you.


If you’ve been exposed to a dangerous drug and therefore are suffering grave side effects, it’s time to get in touch with an Albuquerque personal injury attorney who has skillfully handled such cases as these before. Here at Robins Cloud, we have the experience and necessary resources to get the results our clients deserve. Every year, pharmaceutical companies present numerous drugs and medical devices to the unknowing marketplace. Together with clever ad agencies, they create marketing campaigns promising improved quality of life for people like you and me. Did you know pharmaceutical companies, on average, spend 19 times as much on marketing and advertising as they do on basic research and development? This speaks to their true intent.

However, in some cases, pharmaceutical claims are completely misleading and point blank, false. Instead, the medicines they are pushing can have a devastating impact on the buying public’s lives. Additionally, some fake medications can even enter the market, causing more harm than good. When the FDAstarts to receive complaints about these items, recalls or warning letters are issued, but by this time, it may be too late.


An M.D. relies on warnings and research provided to him by the pharmaceutical firms when prescribing his patients new, untested medication. In many cases, patients see the commercials on television and come in asking about it. In other cases, a sales rep has come in the office and sung the praises of the medication to the doctor. And after all, it’s been approved by the FDA, so it must be safe, right? But when this information provided to him is driven by profit, side effects are down played and benefits are exaggerated. Additionally, doctors often take the initiative to prescribe medications for conditions the drug has not actually been approved to treat.  In fact, 75% of all “off-label” pharmaceutical use is un-supported by clear evidence or research, and can exacerbate the actual problem by falsely labeled medicine.


One of the most common questions we hear is, “Do I have a case?” And probably the most frustrating answer we can give is, “It depends.” Every client we see is different, and each one requires our concentrated and individualized attention. For the most part, drug companies are held responsible in the circumstances of defective equipment or drugs, improper or inadequate warnings or misleading advertising. These companies are, furthermore, legally responsible for the safety of their drugs, making sure they meet FDA standards and that they warn users of all risks and side effects in an effective manner. Additionally, they are responsible for continuing to update their warnings as new research is made available that changes how a doctor might utilize the drug.

Robins Cloudon is ready to help you with a team of associates you can count on to aggressively fight for your compensation due to adverse side effects from a prescription medication. Call our firm for immediate, reliable counsel. You may be unsure how or where to start a compensation claim, and that’s not unusual. But the first step is with a phone call to us. We will review all the details of your claim, your medical records and what has been happening in your life since you started using the medication in question. Then, we will carefully guide you through the entire legal process. We have the resources and staff, dedication and experience to see your case through to the final conclusion.

We will fight to help you receive compensation for losses such as medical expenses, income lost due to being out of work, physical pain and suffering and more.